Okayama White Peach Chocolate Daifuku

The white chocolate is wrapped in white peach-flavored rice cake dough. The aroma of white peach and the sweetness of chocolate will spread in your mouth.

Orders and quotations
Expiration date
120 days
Internal capacity
30 pieces
Keep/ Store in a cool, dry space. Avoid direct sunlight.
JAN code
Chocolate spread B(Lactose, Vegetable fat and oil, Sugar, Whole milk powder, Cocoa butter), Starch syrup, Sugar, Glutinous rice flour, White peach juice / Trehalose, Processed starch, Glycine, Emulsifier, Flavor, Preservative(Milt protein), Colorant(Rose bengal, Erythrosine), Antioxidants(V.C), V.C, (Including milk constituent, Peach, Including soybean)
Nutrition Information
Per 1 piece (13g)
Energy 56.0kcal, Protein 0.20g, Total Fat 1.40g, Total Carbohydrates 10.85g, Sodium 1.17mg, Salt equivalent 0.003g