Spicy Garlic Oil Japanese Chips, Takoyaki Chips, Curry Chips

Spicy Garlic Oil Japanese Chips: It is garlic-flavored, spicy, and pungent, delicious cracker. It's an ideal snack.

Takoyaki Chips: It's a sweet and spicy cracker containing green laver and ginger, and it is loved by children and adults.

Curry Chips: With a crispy texture, it is a curry flavored cracker that is loved by children and adults. It's delicious that you can't stop once you start eating.

Orders and quotations
Expiration date
210 days
Internal capacity
Spicy Garlic Oil Japanese Chips: 60g Takoyaki Chips: 45g Curry Chips: 55g
Keep/ Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.
JAN code
Spicy Garlic Oil Japanese Chips: 4571397157418
Takoyaki Chips: 4571397157425
Curry Chips: 4571397157401
Spicy Garlic Oil Japanese Chips: Potato starch (Made in Japan), Garlic, Vegetable fat and oil, Soy sauce, Salt, Sugar, Sweet sake, Shrimp, Perilla, Chili pepper, Scallion / Processed starch, Seasoning (Amino acids etc.), Colorant (Annatto, Monascus), Raising agent, (Including shrimp, Wheat, soybean)

Takoyaki Chips: Starch (Made in Japan), Takoyaki sauce (Sugar, Soy sauce, Dextrin, Worcester sauce, Fructose), Vegetable oil, Shrimp, Takoyaki Seasoning, Octopus, Sugar, Salt, Vinegar pickled ginger, Hydrolyzed protein, Bonito flakes, Sea lettuce, Scallion/Seasoning (Amino acids etc.), Colorant (Caramel, Monascus),Alum, Acidifier, Antioxidants (V.E), Sweetener (Stevia), Spice extract, (Including shrimp, Wheat, Mackerel, Soybean, Pork)

Curry Chips: Potato starch(Made in Japan), Shrimp, Vegetable fat and oil, Curry seasoning(Spice, Glucose, Chicken powder, Salt, Hydrolyzed protein, Powdered soy sauce), Squid, Sea lettuce, Salt, Reduced sugar syrup, Sugar / Processed starch, Seasoning (Amino acids etc.), Carbonic acid Ca, Acidifier,(Including shrimp, Wheat, Milk constituent, Squid, Chicken, Pork, Soybean)
Nutrition Information
Spicy Garlic Oil Japanese Chips: Per 1 piece(60g)
Energy 254kcal, Protein 1.5g, Total Fat 6.9g, Total Carbohydrates 46.56g, Sodium 660mg, Salt equivalent 1.68g
Takoyaki Chips: Per 1 piece(45g) 
Energy 207kcal, Protein 0.95g, Total Fat 8.1g, Total Carbohydrates 32.63g, Sodium 445mg, Salt equivalent 1.13g
Curry Chips: Per 1 piece(55g)
Energy 283kcal, Protein 1.65g, Total Fat 14.96g, Total Carbohydrates 35.64g, Sodium 474mg, Salt equivalent 1.2g